Those dealing with psychological anxiety and panic need representation from a law firmA traumatic event like a car accident can leave serious physical injuries. However, many people who are affected by a traumatic event suffer from psychological injuries as well. These traumas can result in panic attacks or other anxiety disorders, severely affecting their ability to live their normal lives. Those who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety disorders often struggle while dealing with the insurance company because the symptoms are not as apparent as those with physical injuries. In order to receive fair compensation, a person suffering from a psychological injury may need to hire a law firm to represent them in negotiations.

At Tolbert, Beadle, our experience with insurance companies gives us the skills needed to get you the compensation you deserve.

Sources of Psychological Injury

Before you hire a law firm to fight for your right to compensation due to your panic or anxiety disorder, it is helpful to have a general idea of what may have caused your psychological injury. Some of the most common causes of panic and anxiety disorders are:

  • Traumatic life events
  • Abuse
  • Extreme stress
  • Loss of a loved one

Not everyone who experiences one of these events will suffer from a panic or anxiety disorder and not everyone who has a psychological injury experienced one of those events. By having a better idea of the source of your injury you give the law firm that will represent you the best opportunity to make your case.

Symptoms of Psychological Injury

Symptoms of psychological injury vary from person to person. The law firm that represents you in your case may need to know your symptoms to better present your case. Some of the most common issues with panic and anxiety disorders are:

  • Constant feelings of nervousness
  • Having little energy
  • Sweating and shaking
  • Inability to focus on anything but your worries
  • Increased fear of leaving your house
  • Increased fear of being around groups of people
  • Sleeping poorly

Finding a law firm to fight for you

At Tolbert Beadle, we will fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve due to your psychological injury. Our law firm knows how to deal with the insurance companies to give you the representation you need. We are willing to answer any questions and want to help you get on the road to your recovery. Our initial consultation is free, and you don’t pay unless you win. Contact Tolbert Beadle today.