When semi truck accident injuries happen, you need an aggressive personal injury lawyer to protect your rights

Orthopedic injuries relate to the bones and the connective tissue that connects muscle to bones, such as tendons and ligaments. Our personal injury lawyers have experience with the medical details of cases such as semi truck accidents. We will keep fighting all the way.

Remember, the insurance companies don’t work for semi truck accident victims. At Tolbert Beadle, we will. And we will keep working aggressively to get everything you deserve. The fight for the compensation that’s rightfully yours starts now.

Some orthopedic injuries caused by semi truck accidents present life-threatening situations, such as those relating to the spinal cord, whereas others may only affect a single finger on one hand. Yet even that can prevent a person from performing a job to support a family.

Broken bones:

  • May require surgery or implantation of metal plates
  • Don’t always heal properly, leading to additional medical procedures
  • Can render someone unable to work for months at a time
  • Can significantly influence a child injury victim’s growth and development

Your path to justice as a semi truck accident injury victim begins with your free consultation

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