The terms ‘dram shop’ or ‘dram shop case’ refer to a case involving the illegal supply of alcohol.At one time in England, people who provided alcohol on the black market and wished to avoid paying taxes on it would sell the alcohol by the dram, which is a unit of measurement. For this reason, these establishments became known as dram shops.  The name is mainly only used now as a legal term.

How It Works

The way that it applies now, legally, is the liability of the business who is selling alcohol or the host that is providing it. The Dram Shop Act or case law in 38 states makes the provider of alcohol legally responsible to anyone injured by a drunken patron or guest.

This means that bar owners or party hosts have an obligation to not over serve patrons or guests. If someone that they served alcohol to goes on to cause a car accident, get into a fistfight or even vandalize property, they can be held legally responsible. The law requires that they take steps to stop a clearly intoxicated person from continuing to drink.  In some cases, serving alcohol to an intoxicated person can even result in criminal charges.

How Tolbert, Beadle Can Help

Alcohol related injuries are a real problem, and the dram shop act makes it possible to hold people who over serve alcohol the individual involved responsible for the damages.  At Tolbert, Beadle, we believe in getting you compensation for the damages and injuries of alcohol related incidents by holding people accountable. It may be an accident, but it could have been prevented. Alcohol is not just a scapegoat; if someone had not continued to serve it in spite of the signs of influence, you may not have been injured at all. Tolbert, Beadle can help.

Hire a Tolbert, Beadle Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have found yourself the victim of an alcohol related injury, contact Tolbert, Beadle. We will assign you a personal injury lawyer to fight your battle and ensure that you get the payment that you deserve. We will not be deterred or intimidated by the obstacles presented by insurance companies, who are trained to try to discourage you from filing your claim or the resistance designed to keep you from winning a settlement. We know the law and want to make it work for you, to get you the settlement you are entitled to.