Elder abuse can be horrific. Tell them you mean business with an aggressive personal injury lawyer.

You need to rely on the most tough-minded, aggressive personal injury lawyer to protect the rights of someone injured in a case of elderly abuse.

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Elder abuse describes any act of direct physical abuse, as well as less direct harm, such as theft, isolation, or emotional mistreatment. For instance, a family member who gains illicit access to an elderly person’s financial assets is committing a form of elder abuse. An elderly abuse personal injury lawyer should be consulted to resolve such issues.

Some elder abuse cases also involve professional negligence, such as a nursing care provider failing to adequately supervise a patient who then falls in a hospital or nursing home.

When there are no visible signs of harm that a neighbor might report, some elder abuse cases take place over a prolonged period. They may result in:


  • Broken bones
  • Withholding of medicine
  • Theft
  • Hot water scalding
  • Emotional abuse
  • Psychological injury


Our personal injury lawyers take on the insurance companies to get elderly abuse victims everything they deserve.

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