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Fires can be terrifying events, particularly when they lead to a death or if a child is involved. Children are especially susceptible to being overcome by fumes or smoke, even when the open flame from the fire is not in their immediate presence.

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Common House Fire Causes

House fires or fires in other inhabited buildings (such as a garage) that arise due to inadequate maintenance or not-to-code building/repair standards may become the liability of the property owner. Some common causes of household fires include:

  • Electrical: One very common cause of household fires are electrical malfunctions. This can be due to a variety of factors such as an exposed wire or incorrect connections.
  • Faulty Products: Another common factor includes faulty products. Household appliances can malfunction and cause fires, or your fire alarm can fail to warn you that a fire has started.
  • Cooking: We’re all human and sometimes we forget that we left the stove on or we aren’t paying attention to what is in the oven. These situations can lead to dangerous and deadly house fires.
  • Flammable Object Placement: We have to pay attention to where we put our  household items because careless action could result in a house fire. For example, it is very dangerous to have your bed up against an electrical outlet because if the outlet malfunctions, it can ignite your blankets, which can then lead to a dangerous house fire.
  • Cigarettes: Many people tend to throw their cigarettes on the ground outside of their home. Others may accidentally leave their cigarette lit inside their house. Both situations can lead to a house fire.
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    Injuries Associated with House Fires

    • Minor to severe burns
    • Damaged respiratory system
    • Brain injuries
    • Mental health

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