Slip and fall injuries in a public building can’t eliminate your rights: We’ll fight for them.

You have the right to be able to access a library, government office, or post office without being exposed to unnecessary risk, but that doesn’t mean slip and fall injuries in public buildings don’t happen – because they do. Tell them you mean business by hiring an aggressive Tolbert Beadle slip and fall attorney.

You may be entitled to compensation if your slip and fall accident was the result of another’s negligence. We will fight to see you get the maximum compensation you deserve. Don’t take the insurance company’s first offer, take action instead. Contact Tolbert Beadle today to set up a free consultation. We know that slip and fall accidents in public buildings happen and we’re here to fight for your rights.

The high traffic found in public buildings makes negligent maintenance a crucial safety issue. Something as simple as a revolving door or a set of stairs, if not properly maintained, can pose a significant injury risk.

Owners of areas that will be occupied by children, such as schools, libraries, or playgrounds, need to follow strict protocols for supervision as well as maintenance. If you have been injured in a Missouri public building, we are ready to help. Don’t let slip and fall injuries in a public building ruin your life. Let us help you fight to recover from your injuries.

Hire an experienced, aggressive slip and fall attorney to represent you.

You’ve been hurt and we know there are medical, financial and emotional stresses that come hand in hand with your injuries. The experienced attorneys of Tolbert Beadle are ready to help right now. The free initial consultation we offer might be the first step toward taking control back from the insurance companies. The bold, relentless lawyers of Tolbert Beadle are here for you. Don’t delay. Please call (800) 887-4030 or fill out our online contact form today.