Insurance benefits cancellations can make life difficult, but seeking justice doesn’t have to be.

If you have purchased a disability insurance policy, you have a right to expect that the insurance company will respond to you in your time of need. If the insurer is not cooperating and you are being threatened with insurance benefits cancellations, tell them you mean business with an aggressive attorney from Tolbert Beadle.

Missourians who suffer workplace injuries can always turn to Tolbert Beadle for powerful legal advocacy and experienced personal injury lawyers. We give you that power back by returning the maximum compensation you are entitled to. If you are denied a workers compensation or Social Security Disability claim, we can help you fight back. Take the first step right now by contacting our experienced workers’ comp lawyers. We are ready to fight for you.

Insurance companies may initially award your disability claim, but then insist you are able to return to work and threaten to stop benefits. Insurance benefits cancellations can have a severe effect on individuals and families and we understand how important it is to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Before you sign any statement or formally reply to their cancellation of short-term or long-term disability payments, contact Tolbert Beadle today. We are familiar with all the arguments they make for insurance benefits cancellations, such as:

  • Your injury was not diagnosed accurately.
  • You are well enough to return to work.
  • You have fully recovered.
  • Your injury was not as serious as you claim.

Hire an experienced, aggressive lawyer for workplace accidents.

Now is the right time to act. The initial consultation is free. Insurance companies want you to believe they’re working to “make things right,” but they’re really working for the person responsible for your injury. Don’t let insurance benefits cancellations ruin your life. Building the strongest case takes the toughest, most experienced lawyers. Contact the Tolbert Beadle law firm today by calling (800) 887- 4030 or filling out the contact form online.