No trucking company case should be decided by an insurance company

There are many types of records a trucking company must keep and many factors that may contribute to an unsafe truck being out on the road. When it comes to investigating a trucking company, things can get complex. That’s why you should depend on Tolbert Beadle to get it done.

Remember, the insurance companies don’t work for semi truck accident victims. At Tolbert Beadle, our experienced semi truck attorneys will. And we will keep working aggressively to get everything you deserve. The fight for the compensation that’s rightfully yours starts now. Contact us today and don’t delay.

Investigating a truck accident involves following an intricate chain of decisions of ownership, professional liability of those who maintain or load the truck, insurance coverage, past police reports and other factors. There are many things a trucking company may be at fault for, including:

  • Lack of maintenance on semi trucks
  • Unlicensed truck drivers
  • Faulty records
  • Unsafe load capacities

Whether a trucking company has neglected the maintenance of their trucks, falsely filed reports after an accident or hired unlicensed and inexperienced truck drivers – the aggressive lawyers at Tolbert Beadle have experience investigating trucking companies to uncover the truth.

Rely on the Tolbert Beadle law firm to cover all the bases, including examining critical business records such as:

  • Driver background checks
  • Fleet maintenance records
  • Hiring/training/supervising practices
  • Driver logs
  • Driver history of accidents or moving violations

If your semi truck accident has insurance companies pushing you around, fight back.

Your initial, free consultation with a car accident attorney with Tolbert Beadle could be the most important step you take to recover from your injury or loss. Waiting to act only plays into the hands of the insurance companies. Contact us today at (800) 887-4030 or fill out our contact form online.