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Serious semi truck accidents can result in various kinds of head injuries, including neuropsychological injuries. A neuropsychological injury is usually observed as a significant and prolonged change in basic mental function, such as memory, concentration, or mood.

These cases can be very complicated to diagnose and you may have to fight hard with the insurance companies to demonstrate your losses. Keep in mind, Tolbert Beadle is ready for the fight and our expertise and experience with semi truck accident injuries has prepared us for the job.

Neuropsychological injuries can severely affect memory as well as the ability to concentrate. These functions are are vital to perform nearly every single day-to-day activity many people encounter. Even a person employed in an entry-level service job requires effective memory and ability to concentrate to do the job. Victims of neuropsychological injuries may have significant problems adjusting to the needs of the workplace. This can result in significant emotional and physical stress over time – not to mention the medical costs required for doctor visits, checkups, treatment and surgeries.

An aggressive semi truck accident lawyer with Tolbert Beadle will fight for your rights to recover the damages you are due. No one should have to deal with the severe emotional and physical stress that stems from semi truck accident injuries – call the Tolbert Beadle law firm today to meet with an attorney.


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