A Tolbert Beadle personal injury lawyer has experience with child poisoning cases.

When a school, hotel or other business doesn’t take adequate care to properly store chemical hazards, you need to pursue justice to its fullest extent. A personal injury lawyer can help you fight for your rights in the event of a child poisoning.

When a child is injured, you can count on Tolbert Beadle for aggressive legal pursuit of the full compensation allowed under the law. Such situations can be extremely stressful for Missouri families, and many simply allow insurance companies to determine the outcome. Don’t let that happen to you. An experienced personal injury lawyer at Tolbert Beadle

Children suffer poisoning or become ill from toxic exposure with far greater frequency than adults. This is due to the child’s inability to read a warning label. Additionally, the child’s smaller body mass and liver make it harder to cope with toxins in the blood stream.

Sometimes the poisoning injury comes from a product being ingested, as in the case of lead paint. In other cases, inhalation of a product may lead to a poisoning, such as with fumes from solvents or indoor air quality issues.

Substances like pesticides, household cleaners and medicine for people or animals are frequent causes of poisoning. Some cleaning solvents can cause a chemical burn when exposed to the skin.


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