A wrongful death case doesn’t take away your rights: An experienced wrongful death attorney will fight for them.

Just because a family member died, does that automatically entitle you to file a wrongful death suit? Here at Tolbert Beadle, we provide our clients with experienced, aggressive wrongful death attorneys to take a closer look at your case and determine whether or not you have the right to file.

At Tolbert Beadle , we know how the tragedy of an unexpected death can affect Missouri families – especially if it was the result of another person’s negligence. As difficult a time as this may be, your rights are still worth fighting for, and you can rely on us to do exactly that. The compensation you are owed can help your family move on from these horrible events. Contact us today and let us examine your case to determine if you are eligible to file for damages in a wrongful death suit..

There are specific protocols to determine who may file for damages as part of a civil suit intended to compensate for the financial impact of a family member’s death. The guidelines our wrongful death attorneys look at to determine if a client is eligible include questions such as:

  • If the deceased would have survived, would the events of the accident or injury have entitled him/her to monetary damages?
  • Was a financial loss suffered as a result of the death?
  • Was there a negligent or otherwise wrongful act from which the death was a direct result?

An experienced wrongful death attorney will be able to accurately assess these factors within your case and give you a clear answer as to whether or not you should pursue charges and file a wrongful death suit. There are many other additional factors that may come into play, so your best bet is to contact Tolbert Beadle today to set up a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

Don’t let your family suffer financially, emotionally and physically after the loss of your loved one. Let the insurance company you mean business by hiring an aggressive wrongful death attorney from the Tolbert Beadle law firm.


We take on the insurance companies to get wrongful death case plaintiffs everything they deserve.

Now is the right time to act – don’t delay. The initial consultation is free. Insurance companies want you to believe they’re working to “make things right,” but they’re really working for the person responsible for your injury. Building the strongest case takes the toughest, most experienced lawyers. Contact Tolbert Beadle today by calling (800) 887- 4030 or by filling out the contact form online.