Your semi truck accident injury calls for strong legal representation

It is the most basic precaution a driver can take: getting enough sleep to stay awake. You deserve justice if you’re a victim of a semi truck accident caused by a fatigued driver.

Remember: The insurance companies don’t work for semi truck accident victims. But Tolbert Beadle will work for you. We will keep working aggressively to make sure you are awarded the settlement you deserve. The fight for the compensation that’s rightfully yours starts now: contact us today.

Professional semi truck drivers need to know when they are too fatigued to safely operate a truck. When they fail to do this and it leads to a semi truck accident, you need an assertive legal team and personal injury lawyer on your side.

In certain cases, our experienced auto accident attorneys can find proof in shipping manifests and driver assignments that the trucking company is also partially responsible for preventing a truck driver from getting adequate sleep during a long haul. Schedule your free consultation to discuss the details of your semi truck accident with an experienced car accident attorney.

An experienced, aggressive lawyer for semi truck accidents

Now is the right time to act. The initial consultation is free. Insurance companies want you to believe they’re working to “make things right,” but they’re really working for the person responsible for your injury. Building the strongest case takes the toughest, most experienced personal injury lawyers. Contact Tolbert Beadle today to fight for your rights in your semi truck accident case by calling (800) 887- 4030.