When alcohol is involved, anything can happen. As much as the law has buckled down on drunk driving and awareness of the problem has become more widespread, operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is still a mistake that is way too common. It results in accidents that claim the lives of many and leave people injured and debilitated every year.

Numerous Types of Alcohol Related Injuries

The countless injuries that occur as a result of alcohol, particularly those that come from violence, are not inevitable. From domestic abuse to other assault cases, the involvement of alcohol limited personal inhibitions and contributed to the escalation of the situation to a violent level.

However, there are many other times that the use of alcohol plays a big part in injuries or damages, from losses associated with vandalism to hunting accidents, drowning deaths, snowmobile accidents and other recreational injuries.  When alcohol causes an accidental injury, someone has to be held accountable.

In some cases, personal injury may come as a result of an individual being served alcohol without his or her knowledge or consent.  If you are a loved one has been injured or suffered damages as a result of an alcohol-related criminal or negligent act, a personal injury lawyer is just what you need to get what you deserve.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you hire a personal injury lawyer from Tolbert Beadle, we will go to bat for you, pursuing the full compensation that you are entitled to. We understand how to fight insurance companies who try to take advantage of the victims. We will not be intimidated; we will not stop until you are remunerated for the damages that this alcohol related incident has caused you. We know the law inside and out and can get around the obstacles set to deter you from filing your claim and winning your case.

Hiring Tolbert Beadle

The initial consultation with your personal injury lawyer is free. Even beyond that, at Tolbert Beadle, we work on a contingency fee. This means that you only pay if you win. A certain percentage of any eventual settlement is agreed on in advance, and if the claim is settled in your favor, that percentage goes to your personal injury lawyer when the case is resolved. You don’t have to pay any money until you are compensated and have the funds available! Contact us today to set up your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.