Mass Torts

What Is a Mass Tort?

If you were injured in an incident involving a large group of people, you aren’t just a statistic. This event completely upended your life and left you with significant medical bills and lost wages. A mass tort is a negligent occurrence that causes an injury or illness to be shared by a large group of people.

Class-Action Lawsuits vs. Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) for Mass Torts

While class-action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation for mass torts may sound similar, there are some key differences. In a class-action suit, a single lawyer presents the case before a single jury. The jury’s response is binding upon everyone represented, and the award is split amongst the parties involved.

A multidistrict litigation case helps individuals who are a part of a mass tort get fair compensation. An MDL helps save time and money for all parties involved by consolidating the case to one judge for a hearing before the trial. Then, the recommendation from that hearing can go back to the original trial for a final verdict.

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