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Defending Victims of Gas Explosion Injuries

Gas explosions are destructive, deadly and can happen in an instant. An injury from the direct impact of a blast, flying debris or a collapsing structure can lead to long-term damage. An explosion event like this can leave you with questions and wondering how to move forward. It’s essential to take action quickly.

Assembling an experienced personal injury legal team to stand by your side is crucial to getting the compensation you deserve from those who are responsible. The partners and team at Tolbert Beadle are well-versed in personal injury law and have helped many clients through their most difficult times.

Between 2012 and 2016, local fire departments responded to an estimated 125,000 gas leaks in or on home properties per year.

Factors that Cause Gas Explosions

Firefighters spray water on a building after a gas explosion caused it to catch fire
The fire department works to extinguish a building after a gas explosion.

How We Investigate Gas Explosions

As we build your case, we will review every facet of the event. We will look for factors including:

What Injuries Occur from Gas Explosions

Gas explosions can create a wide assortment of injuries from minor to major. Here are just a few of the injuries you may experience as a result of the gas explosion:

A doctor and a nurse treat a man's burned arm following a gas explosion

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