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Getting Justice for Railroad and Vehicle Accident Injuries

You take every precaution when coming to a railroad crossing. You make sure to look both ways, obey signs and proceed carefully. Unfortunately, even careful drivers can end up in an accident due to no fault of their own.

These accidents can cause severe, long-term injuries. You shouldn’t have to needlessly suffer through the physical, mental and emotional pain of a railroad-vehicle accident alone.

The experienced personal injury and car accident legal team at Tolbert Beadle can help you recover the damages you need to pay for medical bills and essential costs.


In 2021, approximately 2,125 vehicle-train collisions occurred in the United States, resulting in

238 fatalities and 647 injuries.

Causes of Railroad and Vehicle Accidents

Railroad and Vehicle Accident Investigation

When we begin investigating railroad-vehicle accidents, we cover every possible angle of the collision and any causes. Some of the common ways we investigate include:

Common Injuries from Railroad and Vehicle Accidents

Railroad-vehicle accidents are significant and usually result in severe injuries, including:

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