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After an injury changes your life forever, don’t take on an insurance company alone.

Taking Employers and Workers' Compensation Insurance to Task for Your Back Injury

Whether you work in a warehouse, kitchen, office, construction site or retail space, your back is essential to accomplish your job. When your back is injured due to poor working conditions, repetitive motion or any other factor outside of your control, it can keep you from earning the wages your family needs to survive.

How We Can Help

Back injuries cause more days away from work than injuries to any other body part. You shouldn’t have to worry about medical bills or how your family will cover daily expenses while away from work. We can walk through your potential case to help you find the optimal outcome.

If your injury requires the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney, our team will help you make sure you receive maximum compensation. A few steps we take include:

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Get Justice for Your Back Injury with Tolbert Beadle

If your employer’s carelessness caused an injury to your back, you shouldn’t have to deal with the aftermath alone. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Take the first step toward recovery and visit our contact page today to tell us about your injury. From there, we can schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you move forward and get back to being your best self again.

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