3 Reasons to Call A Personal Injury Attorney

There is nothing more stressful than a personal injury. When an injury happens, you are faced with medical costs while often being out of work. Additionally, if you were injured while driving a vehicle, this doesn’t include the potential damage to your car.

With that being said, it isn’t uncommon for people who have been injured to not even get in contact with an attorney for representation and compensation. At Tolbert Beadle, we think you deserve proper representation and the chance to be compensated for your injuries.

Here are three reasons why you should call an attorney’s direct line (like Tolbert Beadle’s hurtline) to see if you are eligible for compensation:

1.  You Only Have One Shot At Justice.

When it comes to personal injuries, especially those that involved motor vehicles, you don’t have an abundance of time to get justice. And, you also only have one shot at justice. This is especially true if you are the victim of a drunk or uninsured driver. They are liable for your injuries, but if you handle the situation incorrectly, you won’t get another shot. If you have been hurt or injured in a vehicle, as a pedestrian, or even at work, call an attorney directly.

2. You Don’t Want To Get Stuck In Legal Mud.

If you don’t get in contact with an attorney after a serious accident, you run the risk of getting stuck in the mud legally. What we mean is that the legal processes can be slow and without proper and timely representation, they can become even slower. When things are moving slowly, it also becomes more likely that you will fall through the cracks and not get all the compensation you are owed or deserve.

Don’t get stuck in the mud. Attorneys like those at Tolbert Beadle will fight for your best interests and will get you the compensation package you deserve for your injuries. Medical expenses are not cheap, and you shouldn’t have to pay them.

3. You Want Someone That Will Fight For You.

Some attorneys are out for their own bottom line, but at Tolbert Beadle, we exist to fight for your well-being. We aren’t successful if we aren’t getting you the representation and compensation you deserve. As such, we will fight for you tooth and nail. We aren’t going to let insurance companies or at-fault individuals get away with your money.

Calling an attorney you trust is the first step in this process.

Call The Hurtline Today

Tolbert Beadle’s hurtline will get you in contact with our attorneys and will help us get the process started. Injuries can be devastating. The medical expenses are overwhelming and you often won’t be working, making those expenses even more difficult to pay off. You deserve better. Call the hurtline today at 1 (800) 887-4030 or contact Tolbert Beadle online to get the process starting.