A Wrongful Death Attorney Discusses Medical Malpractice

If you have ever needed surgery, you have probably had that fear—a tingle up your spine—of the anesthesia never wearing off and drifting you away from your loved ones forever. Sad as it is, these things happen more often than most people think.

Medical malpractice takes more lives than anyone can ever truly know, but that shouldn’t stop us from doing something about it. At Tolbert Beadle, we believe in fighting for what is right. Our wrongful death attorney will do everything within his power to compensate you, yes, but more importantly to put pressure on medical personnel who do not take great enough care with the lives entrusted to them.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice takes place when professionally trained medical personnel neglect their patients, give substandard treatment, or choose not to take action in a medical emergency. Luckily, malpractice does not always result in death.

But when it does, our hearts go out to the loved ones of the deceased. You trust medical professionals to always do what is right, and to know how to take care of their patients. Our wrongful death attorney at Tolbert Beadle vows to hold medical practitioners to this standard.

What Can a Wrongful Death Attorney Do For You?

A wrongful death attorney can win you a settlement against the people on whom’s watch your loved one died. At Tolbert Beadle, we find it completely unacceptable that any family should go through such a tragedy.

We will help you weigh the pros and cons of filing a wrongful death lawsuit. While this can open up fresh wounds, it can also bring closure. No two situations are alike, but we can give you the information and tools necessary to decide what is best for you and your loved ones.

Proving Wrongful Death

In order to prove wrongful death, a wrongful death attorney must show that the deceased only died because of negligence. Sadly, most medical malpractice occurs in nursing homes. Though medical personnel may not take the best care of their elderly patients, these cases are often difficult to prove.

It takes a perceptive attorney experienced in medical law to truly close most cases in this situation. Pointing the cause back to the negligent practitioner can help keep negligence out of the medical profession and bring some closure to your family’s pain.

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