Advice from a Car Accident Attorney: What to Do in the Event of a Livestock Collision

A car accident attorney can help if a livestock collision occurs.

No collision is pleasant, but a livestock collision can be especially frustrating and extremely costly. In a typical collision, you really only have two things to worry about: the vehicles and any possible injuries. In a livestock collision, though, there is not another driver or vehicle to worry about, but you will likely have significant damages to your vehicle, possibly no witnesses, a hurt or deceased animal, and a livestock owner who does not want to take responsibility, but wants to be reimbursed/compensated for lost or damaged livestock. You need to know who to call and what to do, should you find yourself in this particularly sticky situation – take advice from a reputable car accident attorney to avoid too much of a headache and get your vehicle and medical bills taken care of.

Take photos.

Any car accident attorney will tell you that the power of a first-hand photo is fantastic. By taking a photo of damages to your vehicle, the location where the collision occurred, and the break in the fence, or open gate that the animal escaped through (if possible), you afford yourself a fighting chance at winning a case against an uncooperative and irresponsible livestock owner. Photos act as a silent witness, especially when there might not be any other viable witnesses.

Keep all repair estimates, insurance correspondence, and medical bills readily available.

Repair estimates, insurance correspondence emails/letters, and medical bills make your case. Having those items readily available heightens your chances of having your bills taken care of and proving that the settlement claims are reasonable and realistic. It may be tedious, but it is far easier than handling extensive costs on your own. This will also give your car accident attorney more evidence to work with.

Call your insurance company right away.

Delays in time between the collision and making a claim on your insurance looks suspicious to insurance companies and often times, you will have to jump through frustrating hoops, elongating the process, and making it harder to prove your case. Calling your insurance company at the time of or shortly after the collision is always a first piece of advice from a car accident attorney. You want to get the ball rolling and take care of your grievances, right? Don’t delay, call right away.

Only give the necessary details.

Folks can sometimes dig themselves into a hole by giving too many details that can end in a ticket on top of the accident. Were you driving a little faster than the speed limit? Were you on the phone? Were you not paying proper attention to the road? If so, keep those details to yourself and report only the necessary details that won’t land you with an expensive ticket.
An experienced car accident attorney can help you navigate the ins and outs of livestock collisions. If you’ve been involved in a Missouri livestock collision, contact Tolbert Beadle today to schedule your free initial consultation.