Advice from an Auto Accident Attorney: Rid Yourself of these 4 Bad Driving Habits

4 Bad Driving Habits an Auto Accident Attorney Sees too Often

Driving is thrilling and freeing, and it gets you from point A to point B quickly, but it can also be dangerous. More than a million people die in road accidents each year in the United States, making it more important than ever to follow the rules of the road and break bad driving habits.
At Tolbert Beadle, LLC, our auto accident attorney knows better than most just what you should avoid doing on the road. Look at these 4 bad driving habits you should try to break.

1. Driving while tired:

Many Americans are guilty of this, and it seems inevitable in this modern time of go, go, go, but it’s important to take yourself off the road if you’re too tired to drive. When your body gets tired, your brain gets tired as well, and this can cause you to fall asleep at the wheel or to make poor judgments based on distance and timing. Our auto accident attorneys have seen so many accidents caused by a tired driver.
To avoid the need for an auto accident attorney, take a nap or enjoy a cup of something caffeinated before taking on the road. If you’re still feeling sleepy after these remedies, ask a friend to drive in your stead or take the bus. This is especially important on long trips, where freeway driving and monotonous road lines could put you to sleep at the wheel. The best way to manage sleepiness on a road trip is to rotate driving duties between licensed passengers.

2. Driving while distracted:

Between text messages, phone calls, and email alerts, it can be incredibly distracting to drive in this modern time of technology. Our law firm sees plenty of accidents which revolve around cell phone use on the road, and it can be heartbreaking to see individuals become injured or lose a life over something so avoidable.
Keep your eyes and ears focused on your surroundings while you drive. Turn your phone off or place it on silent for the duration of your trip. If you need to take a call, send a text, or write an email, pull off to a rest stop and do so. There are now hand-free features which allow you to type messages using voice command. This is still a form of distraction, as it keeps your mind on the subject your verbalizing, and not the road ahead.

3. Speeding:

This is common, and almost every driver is guilty of it at some point. It goes without saying, but speeding can be extremely dangerous and rarely gets you where you want to be any faster. Studies have shown that individuals who speed and pass people on the freeway rarely gain more than a 2-minute lead on those who follow the rules and drive at the speed limit.

4. Forgetting a Seatbelt:

You would think by now everybody understands the importance of seatbelt safety, but this isn’t the case. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, during the years 2012-2014, 66% of individuals who died in car crashes in Missouri were not wearing their seatbelts.
This strap of fabric is what keeps you from plummeting through the windshield when your car hits an obstacle. Remember, your airbag can’t protect you if you aren’t in the car. Avoid the need for an auto accident attorney and buckle up.

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