Advice from an Car Accident Attorney: Avoiding Collisions with Deer

Car Accident Attorney Tips on Not Hitting Deer

If you live in a rural area or on the outskirts of a town or city, then you know all too well the disastrous effects a collision with a deer can have on your vehicle. You may have already smashed into a deer or you may have seen a friend’s car demolished by these large, quick, and confused animals. If you need help getting your insurance company to pay for the damages caused by a deer, you should contact a car accident attorney. If you have not hit a deer yet, count your luck and read our blog for a car accident attorney’s advice on avoiding those costly impacts.

Knowing Your Deer Seasons

Typically skittish creatures, deer don’t always gather around roads and highways. Sometimes it may seem like they do, but this is due to the season. Deer mate in the fall, and male deer often have nothing else on their mind. This makes them more likely to wander out onto a highway. You should always keep your eye out for deer when driving in rural areas, but take special care during October, November, and December.

Stay Attentive on the Road

Any car accident attorney can tell you that many deer collisions are unavoidable, but sometimes you can just miss one of these terrified creatures. If you stay attentive and alert on the road, then you increase the likelihood of getting home safe and sound. Here are some car accident attorney tips to help you keep deer fur out of your grill.

Stay Extra Alert at Dawn and Dusk

Not only do deer become more active during the late evening and early morning but deer also are even harder to see during these hours. Their fur makes them difficult to spot against a backdrop of grass. Add a setting or rising sun behind them, and they become exponentially more difficult to see.

Observe Road Signs

Oftentimes you will see road signs that indicate popular deer crossing spots. These usually occur around streams and ponds, and you should not take these signs lightly. Slow down and keep your eyes peeled for deer.

Use Your Brakes, Not Your Wheel

If you do see a deer, try to minimize swerving. If you swerve into oncoming traffic, you might hurt yourself and cause more damage to your vehicle than the collision with the deer would cause. Deer move unpredictably when frightened, so you might end up swerving right into their path!

Watch Out for the 2nd & 3rd

Always the communal animal, deer rarely travel on their own. If you see one and narrowly miss it, keep your eyes out for the second or third deer. Just because you escaped one doesn’t always mean you are in the clear.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney if You Hit a Deer

A Tolbert Beadle car accident attorney can help you fight the insurance company for the claim you deserve. Get your car back on the road and get your life back on track with Tolbert Beadle today.