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An Auto Accident Attorney Discusses Right-of-Way

Accidents happen all the time at intersections, and people don’t always know who is at fault for what. When it comes to four-way stops and other somewhat complicated intersections, it can be difficult to figure out who should go first and who should go next. Understanding the laws of right-of-way as they pertain to automobiles will not only reduce your chances of getting into an accident but also help you take legal action against negligent parties. An auto accident attorney can help you build a case and receive a settlement. Many people, however, may not realize when to contact an auto accident attorney about their accident because they don’t know whether they are at fault or not.

How Does Right-of-Way Work?

Right-of-way is the right one vehicle has to cross an intersection or enter a lane before another vehicle can do so. Right-of-way is given from one car to another. If you sit at an intersection and allow another car to cross, then you are giving them the right-of-way. When at a stoplight, you will have very little confusion. Green has the right to cross, and red does not. Yellow blinking lights ask you to yield to oncoming traffic. Green lights on turn lanes also act as yield signs unless they have a green arrow, then you have the right of way.

Who Goes First?

If two cars approach an intersection devoid of a stop sign, the car to the left must give right-of-way to the car on the right. If two cars approach an intersection while traveling opposite directions, neither needs to yield. If, however, one of these drivers wishes to turn left, he or she must give right-of-way to the person traveling straight through the intersection. When it comes to turning right at a stoplight, you only have right-of-way over drivers opposite your intersection turning to turn left when your light is green. If your light is red while you wish to turn right, you must give the right-of-way to left turning traffic opposite and traffic traveling straight on the road you wish to turn onto. If you have any questions regarding your accident and right-of-way, we highly encourage you to contact an auto accident attorney at Tolbert Beadle.

Tolbert Beadle Auto Accident Attorney

You must always consider who had the right-of-way when an accident occurs at an intersection. If you believe another car needed to give you right-of-way and didn’t, then you should contact an auto accident attorney today. Any auto accident attorney at Tolbert Beadle would gladly talk with you during a free consultation.