Auto Accident Attorney: Common Mechanical Issues that Lead to Accidents

Auto Accident Attorneys See Accidents Caused by These Mechanical Issues

Car accidents occur all the time and all across the nation. These accidents take place for numerous reasons: negligent drivers, drunk drivers, terrible road conditions, wild animals in the road, and much, much more. Though a commonly overlooked cause of accidents, mechanical malfunctions can prevent drivers from stopping in time to prevent an accident or may actually cause the accident. As auto accident attorneys at Tolbert Beadle, LLC., we have seen accidents for which car companies are liable because of mechanical malfunctions. Sometimes the other driver is at fault for not keeping up with their vehicle’s maintenance. Below we outline some of the most common issues that lead to accidents.

Bad Brakes

It doesn’t take an auto accident attorney to know that if your brakes can’t slow you down that you are more likely to get into an accident. Bad brakes come in many forms. They can be installed incorrectly, manufactured poorly, or worn out. You should change your brakes every 50,000 miles to ensure your own safety. If your brakes go bad before then, you may have purchased faulty brakes.

Bald, Blown-Out, or Deflated Tires

When your tires lose their tread, lose their air pressure, or malfunction and blow out on the road, you risk getting into an accident. Bald and worn tires lose grip, making it more difficult to steer and slow down. If you poorly manufactured tire blows out while traveling at high speeds, safely steering to the side of the road becomes difficult and dangerous.

Bad Steering System

Due to either poor maintenance or faulty manufacturing, a car’s steering system can malfunction. In some cases, the steering wheel may lock while driving. Faulty manufacturing often causes this issue. If your vehicle’s steering wheel locks while you are driving, you will not be able to turn any direction. If this causes your accident, you need to contact an auto accident attorney.

Bad Lights

You can’t be at fault for hitting a car you can’t see! A car owner has the obligation to maintain their lights so that other drivers can see them on the road. If a car in front of you brakes without activating its brake lights, you may not be able to notice their change in speed in time to react. If a car travels at night without lights or turns without blinkers, the driver cannot hold you liable for the accidents this causes. An auto accident attorney can help you build a case to get the compensation you deserve.

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