Auto Accident Attorney: How to Avoid Hydroplaning

Your car is not intended to glide across the water. So hydroplaning should be avoided at all costs. But what is hydroplaning? An auto accident attorney at Tolbert Beadle, LLC explains.

Hydroplaning Explained

Ever notice how your vehicle tires, when new, have deep and wavy grooves carved into the rubber? Those treads are there to keep your tires firmly on the ground, whether in fair weather or foul. The purpose of those grooves is to scatter or spread the water that has gathered on the pavement in front of your tires, keeping you safely attached to the asphalt. But when more water and water pressure gathers in front of the tire, the water pushes itself under the tire, creating a thin film of water between the road and the tire. The tire no longer has a good grip on the road and the driver can lose control of the vehicle. The driver can lose the ability to steer or brake, both of which can lead to a serious accident.

Hydroplaning can occur on any wet surface – a puddle, on the road during a rainstorm, runoff on the road from an earlier storm. It is important to think about hydroplaning whenever you see water on the road while driving.

Avoiding Hydroplaning

No one wants to lose control of their vehicle while driving, and there are some things a driver can do to reduce their chances of hydroplaning. Regarding vehicle care, these include making sure your tires are properly inflated and in good condition. Also, make sure that aging tires are replaced in a timely fashion so you have good tread. Tires are rated for their ability to shed rain and if you live in a rainy area, you want the best rain tires you can afford. Our auto accident attorneys recommend consulting with an auto shop to find the best option for you.

Should you see water or puddles on the road while driving there are somethings you can do to avoid hydroplaning. First of all, slow down.

Slowing down gives your tires more time to shed water and prevent hydroplaning. Don’t drive in the fast lane, as more water will accumulate there. If possible, try to drive in the tracks made by the car in front of you. Avoid hard braking and sharp turns, and turn off the cruise control if you are using it. Always adjust your speed according to the road conditions and if the conditions are poor, the best thing you can do is slow down. That way you can avoid the need for an auto accident attorney.

Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

If you find yourself in a hydroplaning accident or other auto accident, contact Tolbert Beadle LLC to avail yourself of their experienced auto accident attorneys. Regardless of your situation, Tolbert Beadle’s auto accident attorneys are on your side! 

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