Auto Accident Attorney Info: When Both Parties are at Fault

An Auto Accident Attorney Explains What Happens When Both Parties Share Blame

Car accidents aren’t always cut and dry when it comes to determining who’s fault the accident was. For this reason, sometimes the cost of the accident is split between the two parties. Today, we’ll discuss what happens when both parties share blame in an auto accident. If you’re ever in a situation like this, utilize the services of an auto accident attorney to ensure the decision is fair for you.

Pure Comparative Fault

In Missouri, the pure comparative fault system is used to determine damages owed. It’s fairly straightforward for the most part. If the injured party is 50% at fault, they can only recover 50% of the bills from the other party. So if you have $5000 in medical bills, you can only recover $2500 from the other party. Once the percentage of fault is determined, every collection of damages is broken down according to that number. The more complicated question is, how do you determine the percentage of fault?

Determining Percentages

The percentage of fault is determined by the insurance companies of the involved parties. Specifically, the claims adjuster will do an investigation to determine fault. The way they do this is to look at the circumstances of the accident and assign values to different elements of the accident. The important thing to remember is that you can negotiate with the claims adjuster before a final decision is made. By using an auto accident attorney, you have the best chance of making the decision more favorable than the adjuster’s original decision. Having an auto accident attorney negotiate on your behalf prevents you from being taken advantage of. This is especially the case if the adjuster refuses to budge. When this happens, it may be necessary to take the decision to court, in which case you’ll definitely want expert legal representation protecting your rights.

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