Auto Accident Lawyer Advice: Traversing the Summer Road Construction

Summer Road Construction Tips from an Auto Accident Lawyer

Summertime and road trips go hand in hand. Unfortunately, so does summer and road construction. Transportation departments all across the country take advantage of the warmer weather to repair and expand roads and highways. With this increase in road construction, there is also, unfortunately, an increase in car accidents. Our auto accident lawyer team wants everyone to stay safe while traveling this summer. Check out some road construction safety tips gathered by our auto accident lawyer team.

Research the Route Beforehand

Most Departments of Transportation for US states understand that road construction can be extremely frustrating. That’s why many states have interactive maps to let travelers know where construction is currently happening. By doing a bit of research about your travel path before you set off on your adventure, you can create a plan that will help you avoid certain areas with heavy construction. This will save you headaches and frustration during your travels.

Add Time to Your Travel Plans

After researching where road construction will appear on your summer road trip travels, it is important that you add extra time to your travel timeline to make up for this construction. More people travel during the summer months, meaning that traffic will probably be more congested, even in places that are not currently under construction. By adding a few extra hours to your travel plans, you won’t feel as frustrated during your travel because you built in the necessary time to not feel as stressed when trapped in construction traffic.

Don’t Try to Rush

Along with adding extra time to your travel itinerary, you’ll want to take it easy as you travel. Trying to rush through already congested areas only makes things difficult for everyone. Quickly speeding up and slowing down over and over again isn’t good for your vehicle, and can cause damage if done repeatedly for long periods of time. Rushing through construction zones is also illegal and can result in fines and even prison time. Outside of the legal ramifications, trying to get through road construction zones as quickly as possible also leaves you more susceptible to getting in an accident. And if you were speeding through a work zone, an auto accident lawyer won’t be able to help your case.

More Auto Accident Lawyer Advice

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