Auto Accident Lawyer: Driving on Rural Roads

Rural roads pose different driving challenges than urban roads. Urban roadways are typically arranged in predictable patterns with lower speed limits. In traffic, it’s hard to even reach the speed limits. Because urban roadways receive heavy, daily use, they are maintained and serviced to accommodate the higher traffic volume.

Rural roadways do not receive the same attention, and they are not always laid out in logical patterns. For these reasons and more, rural driving can present some hazards that may cause auto accidents. Today, an auto accident lawyer looks at some of the things that make rural driving more tricky. Hopefully, you can be better aware while driving rural roads, reducing your need to call an auto accident lawyer.


Many rural roads are simply two-lane highways. Issues arise when drivers are attempting to pass as the approach a hill or turn, which limits the visibility of the passing vehicle. Without a median between opposing lanes, it is also much easier for drowsy or inattentive drivers to cross the center line, yielding a much higher potential for collision. If you find yourself in such a situation, be sure to call an auto accident lawyer as soon as you’re able.


Rural roadways are often not lit nearly as thoroughly as urban roadways. This makes your visibility even less, increasing the chance for issues when wildlife or debris get in the way. It will also increase the risk in poor weather conditions like heavy rain or fog, where headlights won’t offer as much visibility.


Rural roadways do not receive the same kind of maintenance as urban roadways do, and they’re often located in areas with steeper grades and running water that may flood the road. The also don’t receive the same treatments in the winter in advance of snow and ice falls, so they receive more wear from the elements. This leaves drivers at greater risk for incidents involving potholes or collapsing roadways. An auto accident lawyer will be able to offer the representation and help build the case that you need in order to receive compensation for whatever damages you and your vehicle may incur.


Because people around rural roadways are typically sparse, it’s sometimes impossible to rely on the accounts of witnesses to help determine fault in an auto accident case. For this reason, it’s smart to take account of anything that happens as soon as you’re able. This means taking notes, photos, or video of the damages, assuming you’re in a condition to do so. This information will be very helpful for your auto accident lawyer.

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