Auto Accident Lawyer: Staying Safe In Rush Hour Traffic

For many of us, there are few things more frustrating and irritating than rush hour traffic. After a long, hard day at work, nobody wants to sit in gridlock or deal with reckless drivers. This frustration often leads to drivers being distracted and more likely to wreck. In fact, around 25% of car wrecks happen during rush hour.

Staying safe during rush hour should be the top priority for drivers, but when we are distracted and faced with more drivers than normal, it can be more difficult to avoid an accident. In today’s post, Tolbert Beadle’s auto accident lawyer gives tips on how to stay safe during rush hour.

Stay Calm

We know how easy it can be to get frustrated in traffic. It doesn’t take a lot to ruin your commute home. Staying calm during rush hour takes discipline. Turn on some music or carpool with someone who can keep you focused on the road. If you aren’t disciplined in your attitude while driving in heavy traffic, it won’t take a lot to get you frustrated and annoyed. And frustration can lead you right into the office of your auto accident lawyer.

Take Your Time

After a long day at work, all most people want to do is get home. And nobody understands that better than we do. However, many wrecks and speeding tickets are caused by hurried drivers. When you add more cars than other commutes, hurrying can lead to a car accident. Nobody wants to have to visit an auto accident lawyer due to a poor decision, so take your time. Rushing yourself means that you’re making quicker decisions and trying to squeeze into spaces your car can’t fit.

Keep Your Distance

Driving too fast in rush hour traffic and using dangerous maneuvers certainly raises the likelihood of a wreck. However, tailgating is far and away the most common cause of rush hour wrecks. The roads are more congested which means you have less following distance than normal.

When you are rushing home, it only takes your eyes leaving the road for a split second to put your car into the bumper of the vehicle in front of you. Take it from an auto accident lawyer: rear ends are far too common in rush hour traffic when the proper following distance isn’t used.

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