Auto Accident Lawyer: When Your Injuries Take Time to Manifest

An Auto Accident Lawyer Explains What to Do When You Have Delayed Car Accident Injuries

You should never take a car accident lightly. Sometimes you feel surprisingly fine after another car smashes into yours. You step out of the car, and it feels surreal. It may not make sense that you stepped out of that mangled car all in one piece. Hopefully, you continue to feel this way, and you will not have any injuries to speak of. Sometimes, however, injuries occur during the accident, but they don’t reveal themselves for a long time. If you notice injuries at any time after your car accident, you need to contact an auto accident lawyer. An auto accident lawyer can help determine whether you can get compensation for your injuries.

Always Visit a Doctor after an Accident

No matter how good you feel, you should always visit a doctor after your car accident. The initial shock and adrenaline of your car accident may limit your ability to feel any symptoms of your injuries. Auto accident lawyers see this all the time. We get people in our office who felt fine the first few hours, days, or even weeks. Then they started to feel pains in their back or neck. Maybe they feel headaches, and all of these pains are due to the car accident. When you visit a medical professional, they can help determine injuries before the symptoms start. Do not sign a release form for settlement until you know for sure that you have no injuries.

Common Delayed Symptoms

If you received injuries in a car accident, you usually have anywhere between one and two years to contact an auto accident lawyer and sue for damages. The following symptoms are commonly delayed, but they can cause serious problems in your day to day life.

Neck Pain

If you feel chronic pain in the shoulders and neck, then you may have received whiplash during the car accident. This is a common injury in all collisions. Spinal injuries also cause this delayed pain. You may feel it only a week after the car accident, and you should visit a doctor.

Emotional Pain

Car accidents cause emotional disturbances as well as physical injuries. If you feel an increased sense of anxiety or depression, it could be the result of the car accident. Sometimes physical injuries to your head add a physical reason for you emotional pain or change in personality.


A common symptom of whiplash, you may not feel headaches for some time after the accident occurred. Headaches could also be the result of a concussion, a neck injury, or a blood clot.

Back Pain

Whiplash, back sprains, or muscle injuries can result in consistent back pain. Don’t hesitate to contact a doctor and an auto accident lawyer if you feel back pain any time after an accident.

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When you sustain injuries during a car accident, you deserve just compensation, regardless of when the symptoms of your injuries arise. An auto accident lawyer at Tolbert Beadle will direct you in the right direction. We can form a strong case for you and get you the just compensation you deserve. Contact Tolbert Beadle today.