Car Accident Attorney Advice: Is Bad Weather at Fault?

A Car Accident Attorney Guide: Bad Weather

Poor visibility and bad weather cause thousands of car accidents every year. Whether it’s black ice, a torrential downpour, or heavy snow, bad weather definitely has the potential to cause some very serious and/or life-threatening car accidents.

Unfortunately, bad weather can’t be taken to court and sued for damage or injury compensation. Every driver on the road has a responsibility to drive cautiously and properly maintain their vehicle so they can remain safe on the road in the event of bad weather. If a driver has not taken the proper precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road, a car accident attorney can help.


Drivers should always use their low-beam lights when driving in fog and drive very slowly with caution. If a driver causes an accident because the lights on his or her vehicle are damaged, your car accident attorney may be able to prove that they are at fault for the accident. Additionally, if they are driving too fast your attorney may be able to prove fault.


Drivers should always brake well in advance and drive well under the speed limit during extreme snow or sleet conditions. If an accident is caused because someone was driving too fast or they did not brake soon enough, your car accident attorney may be able to collect enough evidence to prove that the driver of the vehicle that hit you is at fault.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain can be very dangerous and may even cause hydroplaning. If a driver is driving too fast and loses control of his or her vehicle, causing you harm, your attorney can help you fight for your rights.


Smoke can be just as dangerous of a driving hazard as snow, sleet, or heavy rain. Heavy smoke severely decreases the visibility of the road while driving and driver should always proceed slowly, with caution, or pull off the road altogether until the smoke clears. If you were hit by a driver who was not properly operating their vehicle in a smoky area, you have every right to hire a car accident attorney to regain compensation for your injuries.

Sun Glare

Many people may not consider sun glare to be a weather hazard while driving, but it can severely limit one’s ability to see clearly while driving. If a driver does not take precautions by utilizing their car’s sun visors or slowing down to a halt if necessary, he or she may be liable for injury caused as a result of them hitting another vehicle.

A Tolbert Beadle Car Accident Attorney Can Help

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