Car Accident Attorney: Getting in a Wreck in a Construction Zone

Any car wreck, whether minor or major, is stressful. However, certain situations are far more complicated than having to exchange insurance information or dealing with personal medical or repair costs. For example, what do you do if you’re involved in a wreck in a construction zone? Without a car accident attorney ready to give you advice, you might soon find yourself overwhelmed with questions and legal jargon that make you want to throw up your hands and give in.

Fortunately, Tolbert Beadle, LLC’s auto accident lawyers and car accident attorneys are waiting to take your case. In this entry in our law firm’s blog, we’ll look at some of the compounding factors in construction zone wrecks, and how a car accident attorney can help.

What Constitutes a Construction Zone?

A work or construction zone is a designated area where roadwork is being carried out. Typically a construction zone is clearly signposted and cordoned off, depending on where and the kind of work being done. Construction and work zones can be either long or short-term and can be erected any time of year.

The important thing about work zones is that they must be properly signposted and section off in order to prevent accidents. While this is no guarantee, it’s important in establishing who is at fault if an accident occurs. Clear signage, easy identification of which lanes drivers should use, and enough space for vehicles to pass are all vital to a safe construction zone.

Be Aware of Other Drivers – Not Just Workers

When you’re driving through a construction zone, our car accident attorneys advise that you stay focused, and pay close attention to your surroundings. Pay attention to signs, watch out for workers and – perhaps most importantly – keep an eye on other drivers. While equipment and workers might seem like the biggest risk in a construction zone, it’s often fellow motorists who present the biggest threat.

Just because you’re focused, doesn’t mean other drivers are. Move slowly, and keep a good distance between any vehicles in front of you. Things can get especially risky at night, where the lights and reflective signs can get confusing, so take extra care and take things slow.

What To Do If The Worst Happens

If you do end up in a wreck in a construction zone, then it’s important to stay calm. Make sure that anyone involved in the accident is okay, and call for help as soon as you are able to. You’ll also need to determine who is at fault.

Was the work zone properly signposted? Was the accident caused by poor signage, obscured visibility or confusion over lanes? Was a worker not paying attention to surrounding traffic? If any of these were a factor, chances are it wasn’t your fault.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been in a car wreck on a construction site – or anywhere else – and are looking for help, contact Tolbert Beadle, LLC today. You’ll find a car accident attorney or lawyer ready to help you with professional, informed and educated advice. We will fight your corner to make sure that you’re rewarded the compensation you deserve.