Car Accident Attorney: Tips for Safe Parking Lot Driving

Car Accident Attorney & Parking Lot Safety

According to a CBS report in 2016, parking lots are the stage for more than 20% of all accidents. These accidents occur between drivers and between pedestrians and drivers. If another car hits you in a parking lot, you should contact a car accident attorney at Tolbert Beadle. You should also seek counsel if a car hit you while you were walking in a parking lot. You can speak with a pedestrian injury lawyer in this situation. But proactive measures help keep you out of the hospital, out of financial trouble, and ultimately out of our office. A car accident attorney offers tips for parking lot safety.

Stay Alert at All Times

Many people pull into a parking lot with something very specific on their mind. Maybe they need emergency diapers. Maybe their stomachs won’t give them a moment’s rest, and they pull into a fast food parking lot too quickly. Remember, laws apply in parking lots as well, and you need to watch your surroundings. You should not text or play with your phone as you cross the parking lot. Try to watch out for pedestrians as you drive, too. Pedestrians may walk out between cars at any moment or step in the path of your car while you are backing out of your parking spot. It is better to stay alert than have to speak with a car accident attorney about your accident later.

Follow Traffic Signs

A parking lot still has stop signs and speed limits. These are in place for your safety. As both a driver and a pedestrian, you need to take the initiative to abide by the rules. If you follow the rules and stay alert at all times, you greatly reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident. Make sure to come to a full stop at the end of the lanes, and treat every intersection as you would a four-way stop. Stop, check traffic on both sides, and continue into the intersection when you know it’s safe. If another driver hits you because they didn’t follow the traffic signs, then you should contact a car accident attorney. You are not at fault.

A Few More Tips

  • Try not to reverse any more than necessary. Reversing limits your visibility. Pull into the second spot when you can, so you can drive forward out of your spot.
  • Don’t drive too fast. Parking limit speeds differ depending on the signage or city ordinances, but most parking lots have limits under 20 miles per hour.
  • Don’t walk between cars. Stay in a visible place without standing in the middle of the lane.
  • Refrain from fumbling with electronics or new purchases while you walk through the parking lot. Drivers may not notice you.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney at Tolbert Beadle

If another vehicle hits yours in a parking lot, then you are entitled to compensation just the same as if they hit you on the street. A car accident attorney at Tolbert Beadle will listen to your story and help you win your claim. Contact Tolbert Beadle today.