Car Accident Attorney: What If I Am Wrecked By A Rented Car?

Rental cars aren’t a very exciting part of life. They can be expensive, inconvenient, and nothing is worse than not being able to get a rental when you need one. However, they are a necessary evil for many Americans. One of the most complicated aspects of renting a car is the insurance.

It seems very simple, but what happens if you are involved in a wreck in a rented car? Or worse, what if you get in an accident with someone in a rented car? In today’s post, Tolbert Beadle’s car accident attorney will look at this issue.

Do You Have Rental Insurance?

You may be tempted to save some money and skip out on the rental insurance. Nobody expects to wreck their car, especially when you won’t be driving it for more than a week. And nobody wants to pay $20-$40 per day for insurance that you won’t use.

The consequences of getting in a wreck without insurance, though, aren’t worth the risk. If you are at fault in a wreck and you are driving a rental without insurance, you could be in serious trouble and will need a car accident attorney.

Who Was At Fault?

Determining fault is always the most important part of determining compensation — and this is especially true with rental cars. Drivers hit by someone else in a rental with no insurance will have a particularly difficult time receiving their due.

Always make sure to exchange contact information and get photos of the vehicles; this is especially important if you were the victim. A car accident attorney will have an easier time helping you if you have the proper information.

What Should I Do?

Regardless of if you are the victim or the driver at fault, a wreck that involved a rental car is going to be more difficult to deal with than with an owned vehicle. If you are in this kind of wreck, it is crucial that you get all the necessary information and contact your insurance company immediately. If the wreck involved serious damage or injury, contact a car accident attorney.

Contact Our Car Accident Attorney For Help

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