Car Accident Attorney: What To Do When Your Car Starts To Slide On Ice

Winter weather often brings on a multitude of obstacles and annoyances. While many of us will keep our Christmas lights up with pride well into the new year and love the winter season for it, these obstacles are still unavoidable. For those of us who live in apartment complexes, we deal with icy cars in the morning.

For those of us who live in houses, we deal with a driveway that we can’t get up when it snows. However, the biggest challenge of the winter season is staying safe and avoiding wrecks when the roads are covered in ice and snow that send you to the office of a car accident attorney.

In today’s Tolbert Beadle, LLC blog post, our car accident attorney has some advice on what to do when your car starts to slide.

Don’t Slam On Your Brakes

Drivers slamming on their brakes when they begin to slide is the most common mistake made by drivers in winter weather and arguably the most common mistake in all seasons. When you begin to slide, your instinct to try and stop immediately is a natural and correct one. You want to get your vehicle stopped.

However, slamming on the breaks can not only begin a slide, but it will almost always make the slide worse. To stop your vehicle and correct your slide, your wheels need to be turning, working against the snow or ice.

Turn Into The Slide, Not Away

Another common error when a driver begins to slide is to turn away from the slide. Again, this is a natural instinct, as you ultimately want to get back to the center of the road.

However, as Doc Hudson so eloquently explained to Lightning McQueen, turning into the slide will actually help get you back to the center, while turning away from the slide will end up turning you completely around and headed to a car accident attorney.

Don’t Overcorrect

While the previous two things are common errors made by drivers who aren’t experienced in sliding, this is often an error made by someone who is too anxious to turn into a slide or keep from sliding. If you feel yourself beginning to slide and over-turn your steering wheel, it will only serve to expedite the spinning process.

In other words, if you weren’t spinning yet, an overcorrect will send you spinning.
When you start to feel your car slipping, stay calm and work your way back to the center or to a stop. Overcorrecting is often what forces people into the office of a car accident attorney.

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