Characteristics of a Successful Law Firm

Want to know how we became a successful law firm? Read this blog.

Becoming a successful law firm isn’t easy, but it is possible (we at Tolbert Beadle can attest to this). And while there isn’t one right way to achieve such status, there are certain characteristics that we believe to be absolutely vital to do so.

Focused Lawyers

In order to become successful, a law firm must have focused lawyers. Without focus, both the lawyers and law firm will develop bad habits and relationships. Jealousy forms, internal competition puts a divide between co-workers and the company loses sight of the end goal. A focused group of lawyers, however, will have a clear idea of what they are offering and marketing. Not only that, but a law firm full of focused lawyers means that there is more continuity and a better team atmosphere, which ultimately leads to better results for clients.

Commitment to Quality

When it comes to a law firm, there are two types of quality: technical quality and service quality. This covers both the tangible work of the firm and the client experience. A lot of law firms will only focus on the latter. However, in order to become successful it’s vital to have both. This sentiment is becoming increasingly important as clients are seeking law firms that have the ability to communicate with them and be sensitive to their wants and needs.


Unfortunately, many law firms have lawyers who aren’t very committed to the firm. However, without loyalty, relationships aren’t able to form. It’s the lack of relationships that leads to clients not being able to trust a firm, which means less business and worse results. Having loyalty in a law firm allows clients to put more trust into the firm, which will ultimately lead to better communication and better results.


As a law firm, you can’t achieve success without proper  leadership. In order to establish leadership, a law firm will set goals and objectives. Not only does that paint a clear picture of what a firm expects from its employees, but it makes it easy to be motivated. In addition to that, a good leader needs to put the firm’s needs above that of their own. Doing so will ensure that the firm maintains its direction.


To establish accountability, a law firm must be clear about the standards that they are trying to maintain. This allows members of the firm to be able to take responsibility for their actions, both positive and negative.

Final Thoughts About a Successful Law Firm

Tolbert Beadle didn’t become a successful firm overnight. However, through the implementation of the above characteristics, paired with our desire to serve customers, we were able to achieve just that.
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