Child Vehicle Safety Tips from an Auto Accident Attorney

Auto Accident Attorney Advice: Keeping Your Child Safe

A vehicle is no place for a child to play. And sadly, too many parents suffer the loss, pain, and monetary expense after their child is injured in a serious car accident.
While an auto accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve while fighting for the rights of you and your child, there are many preventative steps you can take to protect your children while they’re riding in your car.

4 Important Vehicle Safety Tips

  • Choose an appropriate booster seat for your child’s age and size. Depending on your child’s age, he or she may require a different type of car seat to remain as safe as possible while riding in a vehicle. Typically, infants to one, two, or even three-year-olds should be safely fastened in a rear-facing car seat while the vehicle is in motion. Children ages 2-7 should be fastened in a forward-facing car seat. Ages 4-12 can be fastened in a booster seat, and ages 8 and up can be secured with a seat belt. These recommendations will vary based on each child’s size and the height/weight restrictions from the car seat’s manufacturer.
  • Double check your vehicle before locking it and leaving. There is absolutely no reason a child should suffer inside a hot vehicle. At the same time, you’re a human being and you may forget that your child is in the back seat. Get into the habit of always checking your back seat before exiting your vehicle to ensure your child remains in safe conditions at all times. If you have a hard time remembering, try attaching a handwritten note to your sun visor or somewhere on your dash where you will see it often.
  • Don’t start driving until you’ve made sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt. If you have young children or teens, you understand the struggles of getting everyone in a seatbelt. Although it may be frustrating at times and you might be late to an event every now and then, make it a point to never put your car in drive unless all your passengers are wearing their seatbelts. Any experienced auto accident attorney can testify to the high percentage of accident injuries sustained by those who were not wearing a seat belt. Protect your children by making sure they wear one at all times!
  • Utilize child safety locks for doors and windows. Unfortunately, any auto accident attorney will tell you that automatic windows can be a hazard to children. Limbs or other body parts can accidentally be caught in the window while it’s rolling up, resulting in serious injury and high medical bills. Make sure you’re utilizing your vehicle’s child safety locks for doors and windows to minimize the chance for injury and maintain a safe environment for your kids inside your vehicle.


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