Common Reasons to Speak with a Worker’s Comp Lawyer

Worker’s Comp Lawyer: Common Injuries & Claims

Though the idea of getting time off work sounds great to almost everyone, no one wants to miss work due to injury. Getting injured on the job can hurt your finances and exhaust you. For this reason, all employers must take out worker’s compensation insurance. If you find yourself injured on the job, then you have a right to compensation. An employer who denies you is in the wrong, and you need to contact a worker’s comp lawyer to get the money you need to tide you over. A worker’s comp lawyer can help you win a claim that will make your life more comfortable while you recuperate, but you should also try to be proactive. Knowing the most common injuries and claim types might help you avoid injury altogether.

Common Injuries

Danger lurks in most jobs. Regardless of whether you work in an office or on scaffolding, your job can injure you. Injury types differ depending on the job, but worker’s comp lawyers at Tolbert Beadle see similar injuries over and over again. We see a lot of muscle strains and joint sprains. Overexertion and slips cause these common injury types in employees of all different work environments. At Tolbert Beadle, we also see a lot of cuts, contusions, and fractures. These come about for different reasons that we will cover below.

Reasons for Claims

Injuries sustained at work need attention. If you can’t work because of an injury, you should contact a worker’s comp lawyer to help you with your claim. We see some recurring reasons for claims.

Slips & Falls

If you work in a restaurant, chances are you’ve seen some wet floors. Winter weather also brings with it icy sidewalks and parking lots of your work. Your employer must ensure your safety. Restaurant workers, groundskeepers, and clerks are prone to slips & falls.


If you spend your day doing physical labor, then overexertion becomes a very real possibility. Overexertion causes muscle strains and joint sprains. It happens when you push, pull, or lift items too heavy for you or too many times.

Falling to a Lower Level

Construction workers, painters, and roofers risk falling off of ladders, off roofs, and stairs. This can result in fractures, concussions, and other severe injuries.

Struck by an Object

Sometimes the supply closet at work is stuffed too full. Sometimes your restaurant’s dry storage has a loose shelf. These can cause objects to fall on you and put you out of work for a few days or even longer.

Incidents with Machinery

Factory workers hurt themselves while using machinery. If malfunctioning or used improperly, machinery can mutilate or crush workers. Injuries caused by machinery can cost a lot of time and money. These make for the priciest medical bills, so it is extremely important to contact a worker’s comp lawyer if you are injured in this manner.

Talk to a Worker’s Comp Lawyer

At Tolbert Beadle, we have seen our fair share of worker’s comp cases. We will put our experience to use and build a strong case for your claim. Don’t struggle to make ends meet after an injury; contact a worker’s comp lawyer instead. Find one at Tolbert Beadle.