Contact an Auto Accident Attorney if You Hit a Deer

An Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You After Your Deer Collision

Most of us have been there. We are a little tired after a day of work, or we’re still groggy in the morning before our cup of coffee. We take the scenic route to work and a flash of brown jumps onto the road out of nowhere. In one moment, a normal day turns into a disaster. We hit a deer. If you live anywhere in rural Missouri or around the outskirts of any Missouri cities, this incident probably sounds very familiar. If you found yourself at a loss how to proceed to get yourself back on the road or get your injuries taken care of, then you should read this blog by an auto accident attorney at Tolbert Beadle.

First Things First: Contact the Police

Before you contact an auto accident attorney, before you call the insurance company, and before you try to drive your car home, you should contact the police. Though many insurance companies say that you don’t need to file a police report for a collision with a deer, any experienced auto accident attorney will tell you that filing a report drastically increases your chances in winning a case against your insurance company.

Your Insurance Policy

If you have full insurance coverage or comprehensive coverage, then your insurance company must pay you. This full coverage should pay for any collision with a deer. If you only have collision coverage, however, you might struggle to get you insurance provider to cover the damages to your person or your vehicle. An auto accident attorney familiar with your case will be better equipped to help you understand the ins and outs of your policy. Generally, collision coverage will cover any damages to your car if you swerve out of the way of a deer and hit something else like a tree or a fence. You may find it hard to prove you swerved because of a deer, and an auto accident attorney can really come in handy in this situation.

A Car Collision Due to a Car Swerving from a Deer

If another car swerves away from a deer and collides with your car, then the situation becomes quite tricky. Depending on the way the other person swerved, they might be liable for the accident. Their insurance company will try to fight any claims. If their driver overcorrected and swerved more than they needed, however, then they, not the deer, caused your accident and their insurance company should pay for your damages.

Contact a Tolbert Beadle Auto Accident Attorney

If you find yourself battling insurance companies because of a collision with a deer, then you should contact Tolbert Beadle and speak to an auto accident attorney. We have years and years of experience fighting insurance companies. We will look over your case and see what we can do for you.