Dealing With A Softball Injury? Our Personal Injury Lawyer Has Answers

If you are a former athlete and still have that competitive itch, slow-pitch softball will almost certainly be an activity you take part in. It is a great way to not only have a place to compete once again, but it is also a great way to connect with friends and co-workers. However, by the time you are playing slow pitch softball, you are almost certainly out of your physical prime.

That means that you are more susceptible to injuries, and when you are playing at softball fields that aren’t in pristine condition, that threat is even more prevalent. When does an incident require a personal injury lawyer? In today’s post, the personal injury lawyers at Tolbert Beadle will look into what injuries might require compensation. 

How Were You Injured?

Softball fields often have a reputation for being run down and in bad shape. Just because that is true, however, doesn’t mean your injury was caused by the field or that you deserve compensation. In fact, most injuries in softball come from either player error or unfortunate circumstances.

For the most part, softball injuries are comprised of pulled muscles or other injuries that are brought on by not being properly prepared for athletic activity. The more serious injuries are typically brought about by the risks of playing softball. Pitchers getting hit by line drives or infielders misplaying ground balls, or even outfielders colliding. However, there are some injuries that can be linked back to the field itself.

Does My Injury Require Compensation?

Certain injuries come as a result of a field not being properly taken care of. For example, bad hops are something that all infielders deal with because when a ball is hit sharply on the ground, it requires just a little bit of extra spin or a pebble to change the course of the ball. However, when the infield is covered in divots or hasn’t been watered for weeks, the odds of a bad hop finding an infielder’s face are higher.

An infield that isn’t well taken care of can also result in injuries to baserunners. Debilitating knee and ankle injuries can happen when a runner is moving full speed and hits a divot. Or in some cases, they may hit a base that isn’t properly secured. Another thing to look for is fencing. Is the fencing dangerous? Are the barbs covered? These things can lead to injuries that require a personal injury lawyer.

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyer For A Consultation

Have you been hurt or injured while playing softball? Did that injury put you out of work? In some cases, you might be out of luck. But in some cases, a personal injury lawyer might be able to help. If the field itself played a part in the injury, you could be owed compensation. Contact our personal injury lawyer today for more information or call us at 1 (800) 887-4030 to schedule an appointment.