From a Slip and Fall Attorney: Factors That Lead to Slip and Fall Injuries

Avoiding debris build-up means avoiding a lawsuit. Learn how you can prevent a slip and fall with this info from a slip and fall attorney.

There are several factors that can lead to slip and fall injuries; most of which are completely avoidable. While it may seem that rain water, snow and ice are out of your control, nothing is further from the truth. A slip and fall attorney knows the conditions well, so negligence on your part can cost big bucks. If you take care of walkways properly, you will be more protected against the chances of slip and fall injuries.

Snow, ice and rainwater are only hazardous if you let them be.

Taking proper care of your walkways is the best way to avoid a call from a slip and fall attorney. Mother Nature can sometimes be very unpredictable, but being prepared is a paramount, front-line defense against slip and fall injuries. During the winter months, it is crucial to have a snow shovel and ice-melt on hand and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Clearing a dry and slip-free walkway usually means you are clear of any slip and fall injuries. Rainwater can also lead to slippery surfaces. Ensuring that drains are clear of debris and that downspouts do not drain over a walkway will protect you and anyone using the walkway from slipping or tripping due to poor visibility in flooded areas.

Leaves, acorns, and walnuts can cause some of the worst slip and falls.

Any slip and fall attorney will tell you that a build-up of fallen leaves, acorns and walnuts may cause nasty slip and fall injuries. Leaves tend to hold moisture, making them rather slippery. They also reduce visibility, especially on staircases, which can be extremely dangerous for you, your employees or visitors.
Acorns, walnuts and other seeds like to roll under our feet. A build-up of these pesky round seeds can lead to hefty court fees and an even larger injury settlement. By keeping your walkways clear of fallen debris, you are protecting yourself, your family, your employees and your visitors. No one wants to get hurt, but it can be even more frustrating when it is your bank account and business reputation that takes a large hit. It may be a tedious task, but sweeping and shoveling your walkways protects all parties, not just those using the walkway.

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