How Much Does a Lawyer Cost for Car Accident Cases?


So, a common question we also get over here is how much does it cost to hire a lawyer and how do I pay the lawyer? And that’s a great question. 

So first off, I’m Bill Beadle with Tolbert Beadle. I’m a partner in the firm. Terry and I have been practicing for over 23 years. 

We don’t work for free, but we do work on a contingency fee basis. So, what that means is when you hire us, you don’t write a check, we don’t have a retainer, you don’t pay us until the case is resolved. So, in reality, the contingency fee is really, I mean, you’ve seen our advertising, ‘no fee until you win’. 

So, what that means is, really, to break it down, is we don’t get paid until the case is resolved. And part of getting the case resolved is to sit down with you and have discussions about, ‘hey, if we settle for this much, here’s how much goes to my firm, here’s how much goes to your medical bills, and here’s how much goes to you’. So, really, make sure that you’re okay with that number and try and make that a target as far as where we settle. 

But yeah, absolutely, when you hire us, there is no, you don’t write us a check, there’s no cash that comes out of your pocket. The fee is purely contingent on you winning. So, every case is unique and different. So, if you have more questions on how that works or what you think that the settlement or fee would be, feel free to give us a call, and it’s something we can talk about.