How to File a Work Comp Claim in Missouri


So, a lot of clients will come to me and ask how do I file a workers comp claim. I’m Bill Beadle with Tolbert Beadle law firm, and I want to talk a little bit about the initial stages of a work comp claim. 

So, you’re on the job, you get injured. The first thing you do is immediately report the injury to your employer. That gets the process started. You’re required by law to do so. Secondly, if it’s not an emergency medical treatment situation where they’re taking you off in an ambulance or taking you to the ER, you need to request medical treatment. So, those two things are very important: report to the employer the injury itself and request medical treatment no matter how minor you think it is. 

A lot of times I have clients who will call up and say, ‘hey, it’s been a week or so, I’m not getting better’, and my first question is, ‘did you report to the employer and did you request medical treatment?’ Super crucial you do those. Once you do that, then you’ve established and set up the workers comp claim. Your employer then has responsibilities and duties they are required to do under the law. 

That is the point where you get us involved. Immediately call us and sit down with us and we’ll walk you through what the employer is required to do to help you get better and get back to work. We’d love to work with you in your workers’ compensation case and help you navigate the more difficult and tricky area of Missouri workers comp law. Terry and I have been doing this for almost 30 years and we love to work with clients in this area of the law. Check out our information below.