Law Firm Advice: Teaching Your Kids Proper Pool Safety

Tips from Our Law Firm on Pool Safety for Children

At the Tolbert Beadle law firm, our lawyers see an unfortunate number of personal injury and wrongful death cases which involve swimming accidents. This is especially devastating when a child is the victim of the accident and it could have been avoided.
By teaching your kids about proper pool safety, you can save yourself from requiring the assistance of a law firm to handle a slip and fall, personal injury, or wrongful death suit. Check out the following safety tips to keep your child safe at the next swimming party.

Follow the Posted Signs

The rules of the pool are there for a reason, usually to protect you and other swimmers. Most pool decks have signage posted which advises swimmers that there is no running, no diving in the shallow end, and no hanging off the diving boards. Pool decks are extremely slick, and even if your child believes that they can make it from one side to the other, all it takes is one uneven tile or a particularly slippery spot to send them flying down onto the hard floor. Similarly, diving in the shallow end of the pool could result in hard contact with the pool floor as there is not enough distance in the water to safely complete a dive.

Stick to the Right Side of the Pool

Young children are adventurous, which means that often they will push the boundaries and see just how far they can get in the deep end before they can no longer touch the floor. This is a dangerous game to play, especially if your child is unable to swim well on his or her own. Not only could your child find themselves too far out and unable to tread water, but in the future, he or she may try this at a beach or lake, where sudden drops in elevation make it impossible to find their way back.
Speak to your kid about the importance of remaining in the shallow end until they are a stronger swimmer. Also, speak about the dangers of drop offs in open water, and remind them that what they can accomplish in a calm swimming pool surrounded by lifeguards can’t always be accomplished at the beach.

Never Swim Without an Adult

Children should never swim without an adult present, whether it’s a parent or a certified lifeguard. For small children, a parent should always be within arms’ reach. Older children may be more confident swimmers and can be observed from the side of the pool. Teaching your child not to swim without an adult present will also deter him or her from hopping into a neighbor’s pool or your home pool when it is unattended.
Our law firm sees many cases where individuals have been victims of unattended pools. If you have a pool at home, make sure that it is enclosed and that small children are unable to reach the water without the help of a parent.

Contacting a Law Firm

If you or someone you know has lost a child due to accidental drowning, contact Tolbert Beadle LLC. Our law firm can provide you with the services of a wrongful death attorney, who will walk you through the steps of seeking justice for your loved one. Our firm also covers cases involving slip and fall incidents and accidental injuries. For more information on our services and to speak with an associate from the Tolbert Beadle law firm, contact us today.