Law Firm Basics: Class Action Lawsuits Explained

Our Law Firm Gives Information on Class Action Lawsuits

When a group of individuals who have suffered the same type of injury or illness from the same product or products from one company, these individuals may come together to form a class action lawsuit. Class action lawsuits commonly result from consumer products or medications, which have either been defective or caused side effects not included on a warning label. Sometimes the types of injury caused by these defects are too small to consider legal action on your own, but when acting as part of a larger group, the collaboration can be worth your while. Acting together also provides your law firm with the evidence necessary to prove that a product is harmful.

Filing Class Action with a Law Firm

All the members involved in a class action lawsuit will normally work with one law firm and attorney. The group consolidates their claim under a lead plaintiff, who represents the case. The ruling by the court will affect everybody within the class action suit, not just the lead plaintiff.
To file a claim of this type, you may approach a law firm on your own, or look for firms which are advertising a class suit for the issue you have experienced. Often, a law firm will already be seeking individuals to join a class suit, and you won’t need to initiate the proceedings yourself.

Why Choose Class Action?

There are pros and cons to any lawsuit, but class action suits provide a cushion to the cost of an attorney due to shared interest in the case. It also makes it easier for your lawyer to prove that a product or company has caused an illness or injury due to a defective product because the number of individuals who have experienced the same problem gives him or her plenty of evidence.
A class action lawsuit also benefits the court and an attorney because it takes several small cases, which would take time and money to litigate, and combines them into a single case and ruling. Suing the company as a group, rather than individually, also guarantees each participant an amount of the compensation. In single rulings, individuals who filed first may wind up receiving more than individuals who file later. Filing together means everybody is entitled to something.
If you are considering filing a class action lawsuit against an individual or company for illness or injury caused by a product, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. As with most types of lawsuits, class action suits can be time sensitive, and it’s important to provide proof of injury or illness while symptoms are visible.
For more information on class action lawsuits, contact Tolbert Beadle LLC. Our law firm is always happy to discuss the process and possible outcomes of a class action suit.