Law Firm Basics: Mass Tort Lawsuits Explained

What’s a Mass Tort Lawsuit? Our Law Firm Tells You Here.

Most individuals have heard of a class action lawsuit or have seen an advertisement for one on television. A mass tort is a little bit different and sometimes more complicated for litigators but worth your while if you have suffered at the hands of a product or company. Unlike a class action suit which deals with multiple individuals all working under the same case and usually with one law firm, a mass tort can include multiple cases and attorneys. There are three distinct types of mass tort categories in the United States, including those which deal with toxic chemicals, disasters, and product liability issues, such as medications which cause illness or injury.

Working Together

Mass torts allow various cases to work together, sharing information between lawyers and participants in a network. When a lawsuit is ruled to be a proper mass tort suit, a judge is quickly assigned to the case. After hearing the details, he or she may rule for the suit to be published in a newspaper by the law firm handling it. This allows other individuals who have been harmed by the same product to take part.
There are benefits to filing a mass tort lawsuit versus filing a single case. It allows your lawyer to confer with others on resources and evidence. It also lends credibility to your case, because multiple parties have experienced the same issue.

Costs and Your Law Firm

Mass tort lawsuits require a lot of money to get going; these fees are usually paid upfront by the law firm associated with the case. This may sound like a downside, but it doesn’t affect the participants in the case as much as you might think.  Many mass tort attorneys choose to offer plaintiffs a payment schedule called a “contingency fee”. This is paid as a percentage of the compensation which is awarded to the plaintiff at the end of the case if the plaintiff wins. This percentage is agreed upon when a law firm decides to represent a mass tort case and is discussed before the trial goes underway.
Fortunately, hiring a legal team like Tolbert Beadle LLC provides you with access to years of mass tort experience. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and walk you through the case one step at a time. We provide you with the best legal counsel at every turn.
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