Missouri Workers’ Comp Lawyers & Laws

A workers comp lawyer can help you deal with your employer and the insurance company.

All employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you’re injured on the job, you are entitled to file for a workers’ compensation claim. Some employers are reluctant to release details of how to file a workers’ compensation claim or may even threaten employees who want to file workers’ comp with docked pay or even loss of their job.  Hiring a workers comp lawyer is essential to understanding your rights as the law defines them and getting the most possible out of your case.

Missouri Workers’ Compensation Laws

Certain benefits are guaranteed to Missouri workers who are injured on the job. Workers’ Compensation not only pays for any medical expenses required to treat your injury, but also compensates you for lost wages due to any time you’ve missed at work while injured. If your injury is so severe that you’re no longer able to perform your previous job, you may be entitled to partial or total permanent disability – which your employer and their insurer will be required to pay out to you for the rest of your life (up to a certain amount set by law). It is also possible to receive these payments for permanent disability in a lump sum.
In recent years, workers’ benefits laws have changed in Missouri to further protect workers who have been exposed to toxic substances and suffer from diseases caused by these toxic substances. A workers comp lawyer will be up to date on current state laws, and be able to ensure that all of your rights as a worker are protected.

How to Choose A Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Your choice of whether or not to employ a workers comp lawyer is one of the biggest choices you have to make when dealing with a workers’ comp claim. Remember that the resources employed by your employer and their insurance company are sure to be much more than what you’re able to provide yourself. Making sure that your rights are protected in court is extremely important – and a workers comp lawyer will be there to make sure that your rights as a worker are protected. Standing up to large employers and their insurance companies on your own is a difficult feat – one that often leads to disappointment on the worker’s part. That’s why an experienced lawyer from a trusted law firm can help.
Choosing the right workers comp lawyer can be a chore in itself. Because workers’ compensation laws can change quickly, it is important that your lawyer be an expert in worker’ comp cases.  A lawyer who deals with many workers’ comp cases will be up to date with state laws, no matter how quickly they change, and will be able to use new laws to your advantage in order to get you the most money possible. Checking the lawyer’s or law firm’s website is a good way to gauge whether or not the lawyer in question specializes in workers’ comp cases – if it is listed among just a few specialties, then it’s likely that that lawyer or firm is experienced in workers’ comp cases.
Be sure to consult with the lawyer before hiring them to represent you.  An experienced workers’ comp lawyer should be able to give you a rough estimate of about what you can expect to receive as a settlement from workers’ comp. Talk to as many lawyers as you need to feel comfortable that you’ve chosen a lawyer who is sympathetic to your situation and will fight for your rights!
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