Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Advice: How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents Part 2: Automobile Drivers

Tips for Avoiding a Motorcycle Accident from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Part 2

In our last blog, our motorcycle accident lawyer tips covered what motorcyclists can do to prevent accidents on the road. In Part 2, we discuss what automobiles can do to prevent a motorcycle accident from happening. A lot of cases that a motorcycle accident lawyer sees are the fault of the automobile. Since the automobile is much bigger, usually the driver also sustains much less injury and pain than the motorcyclist does. You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of a motorcycle accident case. Make sure you do everything you can while driving to prevent an accident from happening.

Preventing an Accident: Automobile Drivers

By being a safe and vigilant motorist, you are doing a big favor to yourself and to every motorcyclist on the road. Although motorcycles aren’t as common on the road as automobiles, they are still there, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that. Keep in mind that driving requires attentiveness, and you’ll already be a lot better off. Getting in an accident with a motorcyclist means you’ll probably be looking at a fairly complicated case that would involve an auto accident and motorcycle accident lawyer. This isn’t a situation you’d ideally find yourself in, so make sure to keep this advice in mind when driving.

Always Check Mirrors and Blind Spots

Some of this advice is common sense, but it’s vital advice nonetheless. Taking extra care when checking your mirrors and blind spots could put a motorcyclist in your sights that you might not have noticed if you just took a quick glance. You had to do these things in you driver test for a reason, so put these fundamentals to good use.

Utilize Basic Knowledge of Motorcycles

Having a fairly basic knowledge of motorcycle operation will make it easier for you to avoid mistakes when driving near one. For instance, a motorcyclist may not always need to brake to slow down. Which means they may be slowing down and there won’t be any brake lights. Don’t follow closely behind motorcycles assuming you just need to brake every time they do. Motorcyclists also need to change lanes often, so pay attention to where they’re going. Also keep in mind that it can be hard to judge the speed of a motorcycle and how far away it is. If you are driving near a motorcycle, just do your best to stay extra vigilant, and you’ll be greatly decreasing your chance of an accident.

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