Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: How to Make Sure Other Drivers Notice You

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Advice: Be Visible On the Roads

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting and fun way to get out on the road, but it can also be very dangerous. Any experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you that the most important aspect of safely riding a motorcycle is making sure you are visible to other motorists.
According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), more than 4,000 people are killed in motorcycle accidents each year, and most of those individuals die from head injuries.
While riding a motorcycle can certainly be dangerous, there are many ways to protect yourself and make sure other motorists on the road can see you at all times. Here at Tolbert Beadle, our first priority is your safety and wellbeing. We strongly advise putting the following tips into action to avoid any serious accidents and injuries while you’re out riding your motorcycle.

Ride With a Group Whenever Possible

It’s much easier to spot a group of motorcyclists than just a single rider. For this reason, it may be safer for you to ride with your buddies instead of riding alone. This is especially the case at night. In addition to being safer, it can also be more fun! What better way to spend a beautiful afternoon than being out on the road on your bike with your best pals.

Use Your High Beam

Your low beam light is not enough to be visible to motorists during the day or at night. Our motorcycle accident lawyer highly suggests using your high beam to remain visible at all times on the road.

Be Intentional About Your Lane Positioning

Unfortunately, many motorcycle accident lawyers have worked with individuals who have been severely injured in accidents because they were in a vehicle’s blind spot when they were hit. If you are going to ride a motorcycle, be wary of other vehicles on the road and remember that you may not always be within their line of sight. Sometimes being in a car’s blind spot is the most dangerous place you can be! It is wise to be as intentional as possible with your lane positioning so other vehicles can see you and can guess what your next move might be.
For example, always maintain a cushion of space between you and the car in front of you. Additionally, if you plan on turning right at an upcoming stop light, make sure to use your right blinker and drift toward the right side of the lane. This will be a clear signal to the car behind you that you plan to slow down and turn soon.

Wear Reflective Materials at Night

If you choose to ride your motorcycle at night, nothing is more dangerous than wearing dark clothing. Reflective materials will help you stand out so other drivers can see you from a distance and prepare to slow down, if necessary. Our motorcycle accident lawyer highly suggests saving your riding for the daytime if you do not own a reflective vest or other clothing.

If You’ve Been Injured In a Motorcycle Accident, Contact Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

Unfortunately, sometimes even the above tips cannot keep an accident from occurring. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you need experienced legal representation. You deserve to have an aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to fight for your rights to a fair trial and compensation for your injuries. Contact the law firm of Tolbert Beadle today to schedule your free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer.