Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: What To Do If Stuck In Bad Weather

As we get closer and closer to spring, the struggles and obstacles of winter will begin to subside. However, for anybody who has lived in Missouri for some time knows that the weather isn’t exactly consistent. For drivers, it is important to stay prepared as winter begins to wrap up because it is when winter begins to come to a close that people end up unprepared and in trouble.

One constant threat of winter motorcycle driving is the prospect of being stranded. What happens if your bike breaks down and it is 10 degrees outside? In today’s Tolbert Beadle, LLC blog post, our motorcycle accident lawyer will give you some tips on how to survive being stuck in winter weather.

Never Leave The House Unprepared

As a motorcycle accident lawyer, often the biggest factor in accidents is a lack of preparedness, whether that be in vehicle maintenance or driver’s negligence. During the winter months, you should never leave the house without being properly dressed for the elements. This includes even the shortest of trips. People often don’t dress heavy enough in the cold because they know they will only be in their car for a 10-minute commute to work.

However, people who get stranded usually get stranded at the least opportune times.
It is also smart to keep blankets and extra coats stored away. This can be difficult on a motorcycle, as there is less storage space, but even if you can’t fit coats in your storage, you should have enough room for a blanket or two.

Have An Escape Plan

This sounds extensive, but it really isn’t. Even if it isn’t winter, it is wise to have a person on speed dial who can pick you up if you get stranded. It is actually a good idea to have multiple people in your area who can help you. Let’s say that you get stranded across town from your home, but minutes from work. Having someone at work who you can contact to pick you up would save your roommate or significant other the hassle of driving across town to get you, as well as getting you out of the cold sooner.

You should also be prepared to wait. Even though you will hopefully only have to wait for a few minutes, if those few minutes turn into 30 minutes or an hour, you need to make sure and stay hydrated. Dehydration makes you more likely to get frostbite and hypothermia. This goes back to our original point about preparedness, something that is very important to a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Represent You

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